2019, Amanda Doyle and Steve Pick

“Everybody knows that when you are looking for a good blues band on any given night you have a better than average chance of finding one in any number of bars in Soulard. In 1978 though, Soulard was a fairly run down neighborhood with rents cheap enough for even musicians to live there. One such performer was 32-year-old tall, lanky bass player Art Dwyer who teamed with like minded fans of Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, and Little Walter, not to mention Henry Townsend, Tommy Bankhead, and James Crutchfield, to form a band they named after their home area. They became so good at what they did that they turned the entire neighborhood into an oasis for the blues. Singers and players have come and gone, but Dwyer still plucks that big fiddle with a band that lives up to its 40 years of history. 5 albums have appeared over the years to document particular lineups, but the real power of this band is the passion and joy it provides every time it has a gig.”
– 2019, Amanda Doyle and Steve Pick, “St. Louis Sound – AN ILLUSTRATED TIMELINE”